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Clubs & Activities

At Ranch Elementary, we want our students to have every possible educational opportunity. Our school-sponsored clubs go beyond the classroom to a world of discovery, exploration, and learning through doing. We encourage you and your child to learn more about the Ranch Elementary clubs.

Character Counts

Students in 2nd through 6th grades gain leadership skills and develop positive character traits as they plan, organize, and participate in service-oriented activities.

Student Council

The Ranch Student Council offers our students opportunities to learn valuable leadership skills. The student representatives gain experience in planning, problem solving, and communication. Ranch’s Student Council plans school-wide activities and special events to benefit our school and our community.
Video Club

Ranch School has a new enrichment program for students. The video club meets before school to prepare scripts for the daily live announcements. Each announcement consists of a fresh script, a director, news anchors, and a camera person. We believe the video club is generating the journalists of tomorrow and helping the students in all aspects of writing.