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School BuildingRanch Elementary School provides inspiring education in San Tan Valley, Arizona. We are located 30 minutes south of the metropolitan Phoenix area. Our beautiful new campus features world-class educational resources for our children and our community. Our highly-qualified staff and teachers are dedicated to guiding and supporting our kids to succeed.

We encourage you to learn more about all of the exciting things happening at Ranch Elementary. Your interest and participation make a real difference for our students.

As part of our daily live video announcements students can be seen and heard reciting the pledge of allegiance, the character pledge, and the preamble to the declaration of independence. The news crew also shares a quote of the day based on a pillar of character.

Here on our website, we provide timely information and resources. We hope you'll visit often to get the latest news and events at Ranch Elementary. We also invite you to visit our campus in person. We look forward to partnering with you to support and inspire our kids.


Susan Kruse

Susan Kruse, Principal

Student of the Month Brayden Thompson

Savannah MoakSavannah Moak

This young lady is not only observed this year within the realm of 6th grade, but her actions from 5th grade were witnessed too. Let me explain. When I learned that one of my students coming into 6th grade was entering from another school, and was either going to be in a wheelchair or a walker, I knew I was going to have to assign someone responsible and ready to support this new student and her needs. It was not difficult for me to decide since I had watched this young lady hold her responsibilities last year with the position she held on student council, her part in her group in Battle of the Books, and how she handled performing with her younger siblings during the talent show and watched out for them. Savannah has not let me down for the decision I had to make prior to school starting. She has taken the responsibility of our new student with great care and concern for her well being! She does not hesitate when asked to go to the nurse, be excused to the restroom, or make sure that they leave ahead of the class when transitions are made throughout the day. She knows not only her schedule for the day but also her classmates so that they are both successful in 6th grade. She is an inspiration for others to follow in showing genuine loving care for her fellow classmates and has also been selected as 6th grade class representative on student council for this year in addition to being part of the video club. It is with great pleasure that Savannah Moak receive the honor of student of the month for responsibility! - Mrs. Jackie Cross

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