Student of the Month - September 2019

I am honored to recognize a very well deserving student, Lea Oitzman, as Ranch Elementary School's Student of the Month.  Lea demonstrates responsibility as well as all of the other Pillars of Character each and every day, in the classroom and on the playground.  In class, Lea is a student who is always laser-focused, completely engaged, and hanging on my every word.  She eagerly participates by offering her insights and opinions, and this influences her peers to also be actively engaged in classroom discussions and activities.  She consistently completes high quality class and homework, and perseveres through challenging class tasks with determination. She is also seen as a leader by her peers, who recently voted for her to represent them, as our Student Council Class Representative. On the playground, she is a friend to all with her shining personality and caring nature.   Lea is a young lady who has a bright future ahead of her! Congratulations, Lea!                                                                        

                                                                          Ms. Renee Braun