Student of the Month - December 2019

When I think of caring, a few things come to mind. A caring person always thinks of others. They show genuine concern when someone is upset or needs help. They are a true friend, one who displays kindness and concern.  I chose Khloee for caring, because I have seen those attributes displayed in her every day.  She shows genuine concern for her classmates. Her day is spent in checking her fellow classmate’s needs and concerns. She goes around the room and asks them if they’re okay and then gives them hugs, if they need it. She shows true caring. Khloee was not just chosen by her teacher, but by both 2nd grade teachers, because her capacity and desire to be a kind and caring person is more than obvious. There are some great kids in 2nd grade, but Khloee stands alone in her compassionate, caring personality.


                                            Mrs. Winkler