Student of the Month - March 2021

Choosing the student of the month was a very difficult decision because of the abundance of fantastic students. I can say with confidence that Kaiden truly exemplifies what it means to be a great student. His excellence goes beyond doing his class work, getting good marks, and getting along with his peers. His unrelenting desire to help others, his always-respectful disposition, and his drive to go above and beyond what is expected of him speaks volumes to his character. I never have to tell him to do something twice. In fact, he’s so attuned to his academics, he often doesn’t need to be told once; he simply knows what’s expected of him. 

In these trying times when education is occurring online and in person, it is completely understandable to see students struggle. It’s not an easy feat to be able to adapt to this new way of life. Kaiden not only adapted, but set the example for the rest of his peers to follow. This cannot be understated. 

His responsibility can be seen on a day to day basis in all facets of his academic life, including his school work, taking on tasks given to him, and helping his classmates when needed. Kaiden continues to excel and is well deserving of this recognition.


                       Mr. Frank