Plickers in the Classroom

At Ranch Elementary, Mr. LaPorte’s second-graders are using Plickers in the classroom to encourage total class participation as well as giving teacher and students instant feedback on their efforts.


Plickers is a rapid-response classroom-polling app that uses paper cards rather than mobile devices for student responses. There are iOS and Android apps as well as a web interface.


To conduct a poll, a teacher creates a question and projects it on-screen. Students hold up their custom response cards (each card is different), turning the cards in different orientations to indicate their answers (one side up for A, another side up for B, and so on). The teacher holds up a device (such as an iPad or Android device) and scans students' responses, which are recorded. Responses can be automatically projected on a screen in the classroom, and teachers can track each student's responses over time.


Plickers can be a valuable polling tool for teachers. There's something delightfully clever about its simplicity; make sure each student has an assigned card, use a device to scan responses and go from there.


Plickers addresses the critical need for teachers to rapidly get a sense of students' progress and adjust accordingly. This tool shines in its ability to not place spotlights on nervous students who wouldn't normally respond in class discussions.